Part Number Description Picture

PT-CL-150-1 Lifting Bail

PT-CL-150-2 Top Ring

PT-CL-150-3 Top Band

PT-CL-150-4 Cone

PT-CL-150-5 Gate Assembly

PT-CL-150-6 Bottom Ring

PT-CL-150-7 End Caps

PT-CL-150-8 Dumping Handle

PT-CL-150-9 Handle Gusset

PT-CL-150-10 Chain Hook

PT-CL-150-11 Slanted Leg

PT-CL-150-12 Straight Leg

PT-CL-150-13 Segment Leg

PT-CL-150-14 Segment

PT-CL-150-15 Hinge Sleeve

PT-CL-150-16 Gate Spring

PT-CL-150-17 Spring Link
With the exception of a few rubber parts, Camlever fabricates all the parts for every product it makes. So getting any part for any product from Camlever is as easy as asking. Below is an image with the names of all the replacement component on our line of round buckets. The chart to the left gives you the part numbers for this model bucket as well as a detailed picture, dimensions, and weight of each part by clicking on the thumbnail image.